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May 9-13

Jakob joined us in January as our ONLY 7th grader and has not disappointed! After facing many of life's obstacles that the average 7th grader does not, he has come out swinging and continues to work hard every day to stay on target. When he does fall behind, he cranks the work out and gets it done. When he's not studying, he accompanies his dad while he works and hones his baseball skills. Jakob knows that he wants to play Coffee County baseball and works hard to reach this goal. He has set goals for himself and will not allow anything to stand in his way!


Billy Stacey Jr. (5/3)

Shelby Massey (5/16)

Jonathyn Frederick (5/19)

Zach Tidwell (5/19)

Belsi (5/23)

Tryana Hampton (5/30)

Names A-G

Aaliyah B.

Abby B.

Faith G.

Names H-O

Tryana H.



Blake M.

Shelby M.

Ricky M.

Erika M.

Madison M.

Ryleigh M.

Brianna M.

Shayna M.

Names P-Z


Amethyst P.

Camryn P.


Billy S.

Hailey T.

Amara T.

Bethany T.


Aaliyah W.

Merrick W.