2021-2022 School Calendar - updated 10-14-2021.pdf

Important Dates...

  • May 4 - May the Fourth be with you!

  • May 5 - Final day of testing

  • May 6 - Make-up testing

  • May 13 - Final chance for yearbook photos!

  • May 20 - Yearbook completed

  • May 23-26 - Schedules finalized

  • May 23 - Grades finalized

  • May 24 - Chromebook return

  • May 27 -

    • Graduation practice (8am-???) - Bring sunscreen, water, snack; wear hat/cap; dress comfortably; at football field

    • GRADUATION!!! (7pm-???) - Dress up and wear CCVA ribbons and cords.

Senior Guide

Junior Guide

Sophomore Guide

Click on the image above for the PDF of the practice ACT.

Click on the image above for the PDF of the practice ACT.

Motlow TN Promise Info.pdf

TN Promise

Congratulations on completing your TN Promise Scholarship Application!

$$$ You took the first step by completing the application and beginning tomorrow you may start earning and recording your community service hours. You will need eight (8) hours logged by July 1, 2022 to maintain your scholarship eligibility. You may also go to for information about logging your hours.

$$$ Submitting the FAFSA ( is also required to be eligible for the TN Promise, please have it completed by the end of this semester.