Handbook, Etc.

Updated CCVA Handbook 2023-2024

What are the differences between RVA and CCVA?

Attention Homeschooling Families:

Homeschooling offers...

CCVA offers...

   a tailored educational experience

  ✔ more 1-on-1 interaction

  ✔ environments without distractions

  ✔ more independent learning and scheduling

  ✔ working at your own pace

  ✔ more in control of your education


  Free educational program

  ✔ Completely independent, interactive educational program

  ✔ Scholarship opportunities

  ✔ Certified staff

  ✔ Certified subject area advisors

  ✔ On-site technology lab availability

  ✔ Technology staff

  ✔ Accommodations for IEPs/504 requirements

The Coffee County Virtual Academy is the place for you!!