Working Virtual Academy Handbook 2021-2022.pdf

What are the differences between RVA and CCVA?

  • RVA

    • offered to high school students only

    • credit recovery system, not alternative to school

    • set in the high school lab setting with a lab facilitator from 8-3

  • CCVA

    • offered to high school AND middle school

    • virtual alternative to the traditional 8-3 classroom school environment

      • qualifications - good attendance, average GPA, positive teacher recommendations

      • work ahead for early graduation using the Edgenuity

      • recognized as a separate public school within the CCSS

    • work from home (have a physical lab as option for internet issues, loss of power at home, etc.)

      • works closely with coordinator, facilitator, and advisors

      • set your own schedule

      • field trips, job shadowing, school visits, dances, etc., like traditional school